about us

Video is our tool and communication our goal

We are Media Cows, expert in video facilities and communication. We translate your safety goals to communication scenarios and offer the tools to communicate with visitors.

How do we use our system in order to accomplish your safety goals? Where do we reach the visitors best? Which scenarios do we use in order to inform visitors? Many questions we would like to give answers to!

crowd communication

Control over crowds with our unique system

We developed a video system that allows security services and event organizers to communicate with their visitors. This we call the Integrated Crowd Communication System. How we do this and why we use this system across Europe can be found here…


Why Mediacows?


We do what we promise. We are honest about our capabilities and incapabilities.


We would like to share our experience and network in the international event industry with you.


We like to tackle things. Our motto “Roll up our sleeves”!

video rental

Gebruik onze video om jouw eigen communicatie doel te bereiken

Video apparatuur is communicatie apparatuur. Daarom zien wij video equipment als een tool om (communicatie)doelen te bereiken. Voor jouw (corporate) event kijken wij dus verder dan de ‘knullen met de spullen’.


We worked, among other, on behalf of

tv studio’s

Ontdek de mogelijkheden van onze tv studio’s

Onze televisie studio’s zetten we in voor online programma’s. Communicatie en interactie van de bovenste plank! Hier voelen wij ons als ‘een koe in de wei’.


Zo gebruiken anderen onze apparatuur en diensten


Wondering what we could mean to your event?

We would like to inform you about our services as best as possible. However, we prefer starting a dialogue. Do you have questions or would you like to make an appointment? We would be pleased.