Crowd communication

Control over crowds with our unique crowd communication system

The nightmare of every event – and festival organization: overcrowded areas, an accident or a sudden storm. Just some examples of what can go wrong. At such a moment you have to be able to communicate with visitors. Discover why Europe’s largest events use our crowd communication system and our expertise.

How it works

Fast and clear communication through video screens

Our crowd communication system is a video system that is able to inform and warn visitors in a fast and clear way. We place video screens in tactical places and we are able to control these individually and wireless from a central control room. Our crowd communication system has 3 main functions. Displaying:

  • Safety communications
  • Dynamic signage
  • Visitor information


Meet our Hikers

Especially for our crowd communication system we developed the Hiker in-house. These 6 mm LED screens, which are positioned on a concrete base, are equipped with highly advanced technology. With our own steady and wireless connection we are able to control dozens of screens from one central point. In doing so, we are not dependent on 3G of 4G.

Moreover, our Hikers have a back-up for everything! Think of double wiring, double wireless connection, alternative wireless control and even back-up voltage. That’s why we guarantee 100% reliability.


Examples of crowd communication notifications


Our crowd communication system in action


The advantages of our crowd communication system


Warning in emergency situations

In case of emergency you communicate fast and clear with a large audience!



Besides safety announcements our system is also able to inform visitors about the programme, the weather, public transport, etc.


Control over crowd flows

With dynamic signage you direct crowd flows. Therefore you prevent overcrowding in streets, squares and festival areas.

Individual control

From the CP we control all the screens individually. That’s why we are able to inform and warn targeted crowds.

Entertainment and advertising

It is possible to show commercial messages, television broadcasts or live registrations once the system isn’t used for information-or warning messages.


Back-up for everything

Our system is redundant, vandal proof, and is equipped with back-up voltage. This way we are able to keep visitors informed in case of technical failure.


This is how others use our crowd communication system


More information about crowd communication?

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